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Buying health insurance has never been so easy and you can speak to one of our licensed agents to purchase health insurance today or get a free health insurance quote. Since 1996, OurHealthInsurance has been America’s trusted choice for customers looking to buy affordable health insurance. We have licensed insurance agents in all 50 states who can provide free health insurance quotes to help you get a reliable medical plan, no matter your situation. By working with hundreds of different insurance carriers, we are able to provide our customers with dental, vision, and prescription benefits for the best price available. We also specialize in Obamacare, short-term, family, Medicare, and low-cost health care plans! Be sure to check out our health insurance buyers guide for more information.


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We provide details on health insurance premiums, deductibles and other plan benefits so you can pick the right coverage for your needs. 


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Purchase your selected plan and your coverage begins immediately. You can buy online or talk with an expert licensed agent.

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